Our members serve the Lord in his church through the many ministries that make up our corporate life. Contact a ministry team leader to learn more about opportunities to serve.

Faith Church’s dynamic mission takes many folks working in Teams, contributing their skills and talents in many ways, for worship, learning, pastoral care, mission and more. Our Teams receive training and leadership to equip them for their roles, and are always open to new members passionate in many areas of ministry. Together, we are working to bring glory to God and to expand His Kingdom into the world.

ministry leaders


Altar Guild - Sherry Richmond
Community Engagement - James Nowell
Discipleship Team - Bryan Hunter
FaithKids - Kristen Lokey
FaithYouth - Matt Monroe
Graphics Team - Steve Merriman
Grounds Keeping Team - Randy Cimprich
Lay Eucharistic Ministers - Gary Ester
Men's Ministry - Nathan Sauer
Music Ministry - Debbie Monroe
Nursery Staff - Cindy Telisak
Prayer Ministry - Kyra Clifton
Sound Team - Bryan Hunter
Welcome Team - Cindy Telisak
Women's Ministry - Sandra Lankow