The Season of Lent

Today we begin the season of Lent.  We move slowly through this season taking note of our own mortality, the need to turn from our erroneous ways, and to embrace the unfettered grace and mercy of our God.

In Lent, Christians have historically emphasized praying, fasting, and giving.  Jesus addresses these ancient practices in Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18. He assumed activity in these needed areas but He sought to curb how we're often drawn to "go big or go home" with trumpets and fanfare and recognition.  Jesus' teaching is pertinent for our day. As we pray, fast, and give during Lent, let's focus on our audience of One - God Himself.

What a gift to have a slow season, to journey together, and to know that the end destination is the empty tomb of God's grace.

Please join us tonight for our Ash Wednesday Service at 7:00 PM when we will begin the Lenten journey.